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The Carolina Ocean Alliance believes in the power of partnerships led by local people and guided by local and traditional knowledge to promote equitable, reciprocal, and sustainable community-driven solutions. We are committed to using our network-of-networks model to collaborate with local and regional partners as we work to solve the challenges facing our community and communities like ours around the world. To achieve this, our approach is based on community ecology where each individual and organization has a role to play and collaboration is necessary to promote a resilient and regenerative community.

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The Hope Summit is an annual conference and festival held in Charleston at the end of September to highlight the challenges facing our community and celebrate the community-driven solutions possible through the dozens of nonprofits, community organizations, schools, and local agencies working to create agency and hope in coastal South Carolina.


The Creek Collective

A coalition of hyper-local stewardship groups working to protect and restore their salt marshes and creeks, including their surrounding hydrology and ecology, while reconnecting their human and natural communities.

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Nature-based healing & Wellness

A coalition of health and wellness experts, therapists, food producers, and natural experience guides commitment to the idea that a healthy planet includes healthy people.  


Sustainable Ocean Alliance Charleston

Carolina Ocean Alliance hosts the local community hub of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance in Charleston, South Carolina. Through this hub, the COA works to develop the next generation of leaders, cultivate ideas, accelerate solutions, and promote opportunities for emerging young leaders from our region. We also seek to connect our local young professionals with their peers from around the world.

SOA Charleston sponsors two University-based SOA hubs in South Carolina at Coastal Carolina and College of Charleston. 

More initiatives coming soon...

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